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Food Safety Tech
Continuing the momentum from 2020, the 2021 Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference Series will be presented in two seasonal programs:

* Spring: Every Thursday, 12pm to 3pm ET, May 6 through May 27
* Fall: Every Thursday, 12pm to 3pm ET, October 7 through November 4

This format allows the conversation to continue throughout the year, while also taking into consideration the busy lives of food safety professionals.

The Series features critical thinking topics that have been developed for both industry veterans and knowledgeable newcomers.

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Cultivate your organization's Food Safety Culture with an Enterprise License Registration for the Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference Series

  • With one company wide enterprise license, you can have the entire food safety team: QA/QC, Sanitation, Plant Ops, Supply Chain and even the C-Suite and Corporate Counsel participate in one or all 9 episodes
  • Attendees can participate from multiple locations including home offices and corporate facilities
  • Everyone who attends all 9 Episodes receives a Certificate of Attendance of 31.5 hours of Food Safety education and training to be applied to their individual CEUs
  • The archive recordings of all 9 episodes is included with registration to watch On Demand post broadcast

Enterprise Registration:

The complete series of episodes is $895* for a company wide enterprise license with unlimited logins across your organization. Register your organization today. Add the team members later. You can add additional colleagues throughout the series

Individual Registration:

The complete series of episodes is $245* for a single, individual login.

* Early Bird Discount Expires March 18.

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About the program...

“At last year’s Food Safety Consortium, Frank Yiannas introduced FDA’s  New Era of Smarter Food Safety, especially in the area of traceability. We look forward to his insights, as well as learning more about FDA’s progress on its initiatives.” says Rick Biros, president of Innovative Publishing Co., Inc. and director of the Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference Series

Frank Keynote Speaker:
Frank Yiannas
Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response,
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Spring Program: 
● Thursday, May 6: Keynote, Frank Yiannas, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response
● Thursday, May 13: Food Protection Strategies: tying together Food Safety, Food Defense and Food Integrity into one Strategy and Culture 
● Thursday, May 20: The New Normal: COVID-19’s lasting impact on food industry by segment: 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail 
  • Food service 
  • Distribution
  • Consumer Behaviors
● Thursday, May 27: Food Safety Supply Chain Management 

Fall Program: 
● Thursday, October 7: Keynote, TBA
● Thursday, October 14: Food Safety Hazards: New Concerns, Old Concerns not going away, Emerging Threats, New Technologies 
● Thursday, October 21: Food Safety Supply Chain Management 
● Thursday, October 28: Food Defense Strategies 
● Thursday, November 4: Personal Development/Training/Mentorship 

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Attendee Feedback from the 2020 Virtual Consortium...

“Thought the speakers were awesome and my colleagues were chatting me they got a lot out of the sessions too.  Great start!”

“A great experience - today's final panel echoed many of my thoughts and did a super job of headlining the 'take-aways'. I too am left 'craving for more' so intend to revisit some of the episodes. Well-balanced, varied, huge amount of information transfer, important messages and trends were highlighted throughout the 16 episodes with both breadth and depth and honest insights. The facilitators did a fab job - I think - and throughout there was a familiarity and 'inclusive' feel to this consortium. Well done!”

“I enjoyed the Food Safety Culture Fireside Chat and all their experiences on food borne illnesses, and how COVID19 is playing a big part in the plant facility.”

“This episode was great! I feel more confident in my ability to put together a food fraud vulnerability assessment for my facility.”

“Appreciated the honesty of several accounts given by today's speakers”

“I agree that Frank Yiannas has been an inspirational leader in the public sector.  I'm grateful for his leadership.”

“Women in Food Safety Path to Leadership - Thought the speakers did a great job - especially need to keep being relevant and about confidence.”

“I understand much better what a biofilm is and how it impacts cleaning activities and the need for stringent practices.”

“The speakers had such honesty and compassion.”


Sponsorship, Thought Leadership & Lead Generation Opportunities

The Consortium offer a series of ways for food safety technology and service providers to engage with our attendees that will support their Thought Leadership and Lead Generation objectives.

A TechTalk is a sponsored 15 minute presentation and Q&A session from a technology or service provider highlighting technologies, strategies or commercial services related to the episode theme. Each TechTalk follows an educational presentation matched to the sponsor’s technology or service.

For more information about TechTalks and sponsorship opportunities,
contact RJ Palermo
Tech Talk Sponsorship Contact Form
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