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Complimentary Virtual Event

April 16, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Spreadsheets for Life -

5 Ways to Successfully Align

Spreadsheets & Modern QMS Tools

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You speak the language of spreadsheets. They likely play a part in your work every day. When someone says that you “must give up spreadsheets to do your job better,” it may feel like an uncomfortable to impossible expectation.


At RizePoint, we want you to keep using spreadsheets but supplement them with auditing, reporting, and analytics tools to really make your food safety and quality efforts shine. When you pair spreadsheets you can:


  • Ensure spreadsheet data is always up to date
  • Protect spreadsheets and other reports from common human errors
  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry
  • Analyze data from multiple systems and programs
  • Quickly answer ad-hoc questions that normally require hours of analysis
  • Import data to and from spreadsheets as needed


Plus, if you have many tools and sources of data, RizePoint can bring it all together as a single source of truth, so you can compare and analyze all your data in one place. You'll get holistic views and incredible insights that you can trust. 


Join RizePoint President, Kari Hensien, and RozePoint Account Executive, Kimball Nelson, in this fast-paced educational webinar where they’ll show you how modernizing your food and safety programs can certainly include spreadsheets. They’ll guide you through the methods that top companies across the food and hospitality industries use every day to gain important insights, share data, and run successful programs with the help of modern tools and spreadsheets.

A Q&A with the speaker will follow the presentation. 

Learning Objectives:

You’ll leave this webinar with a good understanding of how RizePoint can help you:

  • Keep spreadsheet data up to date with every quality and safety audit finding
  • Give your team tools that make their lives easier, not pull them out of their comfort zone
  • Protect your data from unintentional human error
  • Know when it’s best to use reporting and analytics tools and when you should use spreadsheets
  • Integrate data across different systems and programs for a holistic view of quality and safety
  • Answer unexpected questions that your bosses and teammates throw at you in minutes

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Directors, and Executives for

  • Supply Chain Quality and Safety Teams
  • Food Service and Retail
  • Food Laboratories
  • Food Manufacturing Quality and Safety Teams
  • Auditing Teams
  • Certifying Bodies
  • Standards


Kari Hensien

As president of RizePoint, Kari Hensien uses spreadsheets every day and understand them as a universal language of business. She also champions continuous quality and increased self-assessment models to support regular third-party audits, which are integral to access and analyze key data and ensure more visibility and sustain safety compliance across your business.

Kimball Nelson
Account Executive

Nelson brings over 5 years of hands-on RizePoint platform experience. He understands RizePoint users’ needs inside and out and consistently delivers solutions that meet companies’ needs today and well into the future.

Maria Fontanazza
Food Safety Tech

Maria has more than a decade of experience in journalism, marketing, and communications within the publishing, conferences and medical device industry. She has authored more than 250 articles that have appeared in domestic and international industry publications and has moderated educational sessions and panel discussions at industry events. Maria joins Innovative Publishing from Secant Medical, Inc., where she was the Marketing Communications Manager and Market Research Manager. Maria has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in New Media and Visual Design, and a Minor in Fine Arts, from St. Michael’s College in Colchester, VT.

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