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Complimentary Webinar

December 16, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 pm EDT

Connected Medical Devices & the Cloud: Delivering Validated States, Safety & Compliance on

Continually-evolving 3rd Party Platforms

The tremendous growth of public cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Salesforce Platform and Google Cloud has been driven by a wide variety of benefits related to reliability, performance, scalability, security, convenience, cost, and functionality.  Seeking to capture these benefits, more and more medical device companies are placing key components of medical device software and functionality on public cloud computing platforms.  

While the cloud offers high value for medical device manufacturers and device users, it also creates new challenges.  Use of the cloud entails a tradeoff between realizing the benefits and losing some degree of control over the underlying technology.  Although regular cloud component updates from Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and others can help keep their platforms safe and reliable, constantly changing computing environments pose a new class of challenge to traditional approaches to the idea of a validated state that ensure safety and compliance.  

In this webinar, a group of industry leaders and pioneers in the use of medical devices in the cloud will outline these challenges in more detail, and share an emerging set of best practices that address these challenges so that medical devices can harness the full benefits of cloud computing.  They will be sharing insights from their experiences in developing and launching cloud-based medical device functionality, as well as interviews they have conducted with numerous industry leaders and pioneers.

The content they will present is a “sneak preview” of recommendations they are submitting to AAMI for a Consensus Report that will provide the first-ever written industry guidance on this important topic.

Who Should Attend:

The program is designed to inspire discussion among cross-functional teams across your organization, taking time to debrief and compare notes after the webinar.

    • R&D, Product Development and Engineering Teams - Hear software integration and product development case studies for cloud application
    • IT/IS, Software and Data Teams - See successful software development, security and data strategy implementations
    • QA, RA Teams - Discover strategies navigate compliance, safety and security concerns
    • Executive Leadership, Market Access, Digital Health and Connected Device Product teams - Learn from the success of others already succeeding with Cloud Strategies.


  • Clay Anselmo, Principal Quality & Regulatory Consultant
    Shriner & Associates
  • Mike Attili, President, Amaxo
  • Pat Baird, Head of Global Software Standards, Philips
  • Randy Horton, VP Solutions & Partnerships, Orthogonal
  • Bernhard Kappe, CEO, Orthogonal
  • Joe Lewelling, VP of Emerging Technologies & Health IT, AAMI
  • Josh Schulman, SVP of Clinical Innovation, MaxQ AI
  • Nicola Zaccheddu, Sr. Software Quality Engineer, Philips Healthcare
  • Thomas Maeder, Conference Director, MedTech Intelligence - MC & Moderator

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