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Getting Accreditation in the

Cannabis Industry


September 12, 2017   11 AM (EST)

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Getting Accreditation in the 
Cannabis Industry

This complimentary, 1-hour webinar will delve into the details of laboratories, analytics and all things cannabis laboratory accreditation.

Juniper Labs is a fully accredited cannabis laboratory in Bend, Oregon, whose business model is to perform all cannabis testing in-house and control analytical quality to maximize profitability. Learn how they successfully navigated the certification process through expertise management, capital expenditures, designing a detailed plan for success and achieved accreditation under Oregon’s ORELAP requirements. PerkinElmer reviews some of the instruments, processes and procedures used to support accreditation in the cannabis lab testing market. In addition, explore the variety of cannabis products, legality in the US, taxonomy and much more.

This live webinar is divided into three sections and will conclude with a “Question and Answer” session that will help attendees better understand what lab managers face when going through the accreditation process.

11:00am - 11:15am - Juniper's Experience of the Accreditation Process, presented by Carl Carnagey, CEO Juniper Laboratories, Bend, Oregon

11:15am - 11:30am - Instruments to Support the Accreditation Process, presented by Desmond Wichems, PhD, Field Applications Specialist Manager West

11:30am - 11:45am - PerkinElmer's Observations, presented by Mark Greenbaum, QSight LC/MS/MS North American Team Leader

11:45am – 12pm Noon - Question and Answer Session




Carl Carnagey
CEO Juniper Laboratories

Carl Carnagey, CEO Juniper Laboratories, is responsible for directing business operations and community outreach, Carl is an outspoken advocate for cannabis safety. He is often sought for his knowledge and expertise within the cannabis industry, and works across multiple channels to create an industry developed around business and consumers alike.

Desmond Wichens, PhD
Field Applications Specialist Manager, PerkinElmer

Desmond (Des) Wichems, PhD, is the Field Applications Specialist Manager for the Western region at PerkinElmer, and a member of the ACS Cannabis group. Dr Wichems holds a PhD in analytical chemistry with a focus on instrument design from Wake Forest University. Dr Wichems has worked for close to 20 years at 4 major Instrument companies on both the inorganic and organic product lines. Over this period of time, Dr Wichems has worked in numerous roles with the R&D, Service, Sales, Software, and Customer Education groups to acquire both a better understanding of current market needs as well as to provide the best tools form sample analysis.

Mark Greenbaum

Mark Greenbaum, QSight LC/MS/MS North  American Team Leader

Mark Greenbaum, QSight LC/MS/MS North American Team Leader, has been associated with analytical chemistry and the analytical instruments industry for over 30 years.  He has been involved in LC/MS, chromatography, scientific software and others.  He speaks on these topics throughout North American, worked with the inventors of the QSight LC triple quad and came to PerkinElmer with the acquisition of the technology.   Mark received his chemistry degree from the University of Maryland.

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