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Making UDI Tracking

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September 26, 2017, 1 PM ET

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Making UDI Tracking Part of Your Systems

Are You Ready to Support UDI Tracking in Your Systems?

Medical Device Manufacturers need better systems to be able to comply with new regulations whether you’re talking about ERP or QMS validation for the FDA (i.e. 21 CRP Part 11, and Part 820), Unique Device Identification traceability, high-read-rate bar codes, or product liability insurance. All these areas carry enormous costs and risks if done incorrectly.

For example, consider a device manufacturer with 70,000 units in multiple locations and produced on multiple production lines. With a proper system in place to manage UDI, this manufacturer can hone in on the exact location and product line to limit the scope of a recall. Rather than recalling the 40,000 units already in the field, they would be able to link back and understand what specific units were affected, limiting the scope of the recall to just 3,000 units. This saves tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in liability, product cost, and productivity cost, just to name a few.

Southeast Computer Solutions knows how to make this happen. As a start, watch our webinar to learn how to develop a systems roadmap and implementation strategy for UDI.

Who Should Particpate:

The webinar is open to people with the following job functions:

  • Executives
  • IT
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Manufacturing/production
  • Operations
  • Purchasing

And in the following Primary Business/Industry:

  • Medical devices equipment services
  • Contract manufacturing services 

Can't attend, but would like a copy of the recording? Register anyway, and we will email it to you following the webinar.

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Ralph joined the ERP software industry in 1992 as a software programmer, working for a cross-town Miami-friendly competitor of Southeast Computer Solutions. He was responsible for developing software applications to enhance the customer experience and to add customized, business-specific functionality. He joined Southeast Computer Solutions in 2002 as a business development specialist; he now serves as “second in command” and focuses primarily on the sales and marketing business units within Southeast Computer Solutions.