How Rentokil Steritech uses IoT Solutions to Keep the Food Processing Segment Pest- Free

Part 3 of 3


August 9, 2017   1 PM (EST)/ 10 AM (PST)

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How Rentokil Steritech uses IoT Solutions to Keep the Food Processing Segment Pest-Free
(Part 3of 3)

Having an ecosystem of connected devices managing your pest control program is more than just a convenience; it can save time, reduce the risk of incomplete recordkeeping, and make your audit experience much more seamless.

In a connected program, your devices and online pest management system work in tandem. A Specialist electronically logs the results of an inspection and any recommended remedial actions during his or her site visit. That information is uploaded to the online system and visible immediately following service by the food processor on an easy-to-read dashboard. Pest activity and the nature of any service applications can be highlighted by location, and the system can incorporate tracking of all inspection recommendations and actions.

What will you learn at the Webinar 3?

  • Join us to enhance the management of the pest control program in your facility:
  • PestConnect: an ecosystem of connected devices designed to protect businesses that are legally required to demonstrate high hygiene standards
  • PestNetOnline: a market-leading online reporting system working for you 24/7 to manage your pest control program

Who Should Attend?

  • Food Manufacturing Directors and Managers of QA/QC, Plant, Safety, Operations, Production and other functions related to food safety.




Judy  Black

Judy Black
Vice President,
North America Technical Services, Rentokil Steritech

Judy has worked in the pest management industry for over 29 years. She has authored many publications in trade magazines relating to pest management, food processing, facility management, healthcare, hotels, etc. Judy’s contributions have been recognized by the industry; PCT/Syngenta Professional Products Crown Award for Technical Excellence, PCT/Syngenta Crown Leadership Award for contributions to the pest management industry, and NPMA Woman of Excellence Award.

Jeff Robbins

Jeff Robbins
Marketing Director, Commercial Pests, Rentokil Steritech

Jeff has worked as a marketing professional for more than two decades, spending the last ten years involved in the creation of IoT solutions that encompass smart building technologies, connected sensors in the safety, supply chain, pharmaceutical, and pest management industries. He has developed SaaS products that incorporate the use of sensor technology to make how we work, live, and procure products easier and more intuitive. Having spent time in multiple customer segments and industries at three Fortune 500 companies, solving customer challenges through the identification of workable solutions has been the cornerstone of Jeff's career.

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