Achieving Significant Goals in Supply Chain QA Management



June 22, 2017   11 AM (ET)

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Achieving Significant Goals in Supply Chain QA Management

Supply Chain Quality Assurance Management has many facets including visibility/transparency, compliance, risk mitigation, material validation, supplier development, and market responsiveness such as traceability, and ad hoc reporting.  To those ends paper processes are being left behind for their lack of data management and timely data access.  This webinar will provide a supply chain QA overview with two project managers' viewpoints on their respective Fortune 500 companies' use of GSQA(R) for supply chain QA. The Q&A session will be valuable to dive deeper into their individual successes.

What will you learn at the Webinar?

  • Strategic goal setting, tactical activities for incremental success in supply chain QA Management

Who Should Attend?

  • Supply chain, supplier QA, Lean, Manufacturing Purchasing/R&D/Opeprations professionals in general and complex manufacturing, food chemical, consumer products, natural resources, energy industries.




Sandy DeGroot, Consultant

Formerly of Campbell's Soup Organic Division

John McGlinn, VP Sales, EMNS, Inc.

Justin Ramos, Partner, Brand Solutions Group

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